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Cone Crushers


Is an advanced crushing equipment which adopts laminating crushing technology to produce fine and uniform materials. it is usually used for secondary and tertiary crushing in a complete crushing plant, and can effectively crush and discharge specified particle size. with high automation, it is easily operated and maintained, and suitable for high capacity production 


  • Special crushing cavity, reasonable eccentricity, ideal swing frequency and laminating crushing brings higher output, larger crushing ratio and better particle shape 

  • Advanced overload protection system ensures long-term equipment operation and can reduce the failure rate

  • Positive pressure dust-proof system keeps the lubrication system clean, and protects the equipment from dust pollution during operation 

  • high degree of automation and simple operation 

1. Upper Frame               2. Concave

3. Mantle                         4. Thrust Collar

5. Lower Frame               6. Transmission Part

7. Friction Disk                8. Top Cover

9. Upper Bearing          10. Main Shaft

11. Cone Body             12. Dust Ring

13. Rock Bushing         14. Eccentric Bushing

              15. Main Shaft Bushing 

                        16. Piston 

single cylinder cone stone crushing machine
single cylinder cone crusher diagram
single cylinder cone crusher technical parameters table
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