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Has the characteristics of high output and low energy consumption. it is designed with special crushing cavity, which brings longer crushing stroke and larger crushing ratio under the same mantle diameter compared with other types of cone crushers, The final product shape can be better and more cubic through laminating crushing when the crusher is fully loaded


  • High capacity, cubic and less flaky products by laminating crushing 

  • Fixed-shaft design to increase strength and obtain greater installed power 

  • The two-way iron-passing release hydraulic cylinder allows the iron to pass through the crushing cavity and the hydraulic cleaning of the crushing cavity has a larger stroke, which can reduce the work to remove the blocked materials in the crushing cavity 

  • The hydraulic motor drives the bowl part with concave, which can accurately adjust the discharge opening. The the hydraulic motor can also make the bowl part rotate as well as the concave out from adjusting ring to replace the concave and mantle, which simplifies the replacement work of the wearing parts

multi cylinder cone stone crushing machine
Multi cylinder crusher diagram

1. Adjusting Cap                 2. Feed Plate                         3. Bowl

4. Clamping Cylinder          5. Adjusting ring                    6. Guide Pin

7. Head Bushing                 8. Tramp Release Cylinder    9. Rib Cover

10. Bevel Gear                  11. Feed Hopper                   12. Hydraulic Motor

13. Locked Ring                14. Concave                          15. Mantle

16. Main Shaft Bushing     17. Eccentric Bushing           18. Thrust Plate

19. Frame

multi cylinder crusher technical parameters table
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