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Is an advanced crushing equipment for coarse, medium and fine crushing of brittle materials such as limestone, dolomite, sandstone, graphite, halite, granite, basalt, etc. it is easily operative and maintained, and the crushed products are of good cubic shape. FKF Impact crusher can have two or three crushing chambers to meet different requirements for output sizes and capacity.


  • Hydraulic opening of frames, easy for maintenance and replacement of wearing parts 

  • Hydraulic adjustment of discharge opening 

  • Most of side liners are of same size and they are interchangeable, which can save long-term running cost

  • The side liners are locked by wedge pin instead of bolts. The liners can be easily installed or replaced 

1. Middle Frame               2. Frontal Frame

3. Bottom Base                4. Rear Frame

5. Second Impact Rack    6. First Impact Rack

7. Rotor Rack                   8. Bearing Seat

9. Shaft                          10. Hydraulic Cylinder

Impact crusher stone crushing equipment
Impact stone crusher diagram
Impact crusher technical parameters table
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